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What Article Marketing Services Can Do for You

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Article marketing creates fear in the hearts of many newer marketers. Even seasoned veterans dread having to churn out dozens upon dozens of articles and go through the lengthy process of formatting and submitting them to directories and Ezines.

That’s why many people turn to an article marketing service to handle the tasks for them. There are different types of article marketing services, so you want to compare your needs to what the company offers.

Some article marketing services only handle the ghostwriting portion. Depending on the business or freelancer that you choose to work with, they may even be willing to help conduct keyword research and ensure your content is SEO-rich.

Other article marketing services handle distribution only. That means you send them the content, and they handle the process of disseminating it to lots of article directories and Ezine publishers for you.

Many article marketing services provide a combination of these services, not only writing the content and distributing it, but taking your original submissions (or their creations) and spinning it for you into hundreds of additional articles for added backlink power to your site.

You want an article marketing service that creates your numerous accounts for you. This can be a big time sucker, because there are many services that will submit for you, but you have to have your accounts set up ahead of time.

You also want to be working with a service that updates you on how your article is performing. The stats ensure you know whether or not this particular service is even helping you. If not, abandon it and go with something else.

Can you use Private Label Rights (PLR) with an article marketing service? Depends on who you’re working with, but for most of them, the answer is, “Yes!” And if it spins the content for you, it’ll be considered unique just for you.

The best thing you can do with your article marketing is size up whatever tasks you need to outsource. Would you save more time getting a ghostwriter or having someone submit? Or would the entire process best be left to the professionals while you focus on more important money making things, like product creation?