The 3 Step Resource Box Solution

Internet marketer Charlie Page shows you the three steps you need to take to get more clicks from the articles you submit. The article itself educates your reader but you sell the click in the resource box. Your resource box must contain a lead in phrase, a benefit statement and a call to action.

Which Article Marketing Software Should You Use?

There’s a whole host of article marketing software programs you can choose to use. It makes sense to use some sort of software once your article marketing grows to an unmanageable volume. Writing articles takes time but so does going to each directory and submitting the article, making sure it’s formatted correctly, not to mention … Read more

What’s the Best Article Marketing Strategy?

Everything in Internet marketing has a strategy attached to it. Whether you’re talking about graphics or joint ventures or an article marketing strategy, you want to have a plan of attack in place before you embark on a campaign that could cost you time, money or both. With article marketing, two primary factors are involved … Read more