Drop Shipping Your Way to a Fortune

J. Stephen Pope

by J. Stephen Pope

Chapter 1: Drop Ship Your Way to Wealth

Your customer sees a marvelous array of products on your website. After thoughtful consideration, she purchases the product she wants. Amazingly, you have never actually seen the product. That is because your supplier shipped the order directly to her.

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Affiliate Marketing Passive Income

Affiliate marketing is a great way of generating passive income. You may already know that you can earn commissions from selling other people’s products and services on the Internet. But did you know that affiliate programs often pay recurring, passive income? Here are some examples. Recurring Commissions If you sell a subscription to a membership … Read more

Knowledge Is Power! Or is it?

by J.F. (Jim) Straw When you have learned that 2 + 2 = 4, you have gained a useful piece of “information.” – When you have learned that 2 apples + 2 apples = 4 apples, but, that 2 apples + 2 oranges = 2 apples & 2 oranges, or 2 pairs of fruit, or … Read more

RULES: Yours – Mine – Ours – Theirs

by J.F. (Jim) Straw Throughout recorded history, man has decreed, written, enacted, broken, changed and revoked literally millions of rules, laws, ordinances, covenants, and codes. Each was established to direct the interactions of the parties subject to those rules; whether those rules were political, social, religious, contractual, or simply the procedures of play in a … Read more

My Lifelong Success System

by J.F. (Jim) Straw Over the past 50+ years, I have made fortune after fortune in a diversity of businesses … direct selling, service contracting, wholesale merchandising, entertainment (I was a professional Trumpet player, vocalist & Radio Announcer), freight forwarding, import-export, retail merchandising, warehousing, real estate, electronics manufacturing, finder’s fees, closeout merchandising, financial brokerage, business … Read more