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The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur

“Review of the LAST Corey Rudl interview — a 150-minute recording hosted by direct marketing legend, Dan Kennedy!”

Product Title: “The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur”

I've been listening to a 150-minute audio recording of Corey Rudl and Dan Kennedythe two great legends of Internet marketing AND direct marketing — discussing how anyone can make MILLIONS of dollars using the Internet teamed up with direct mail, radio, TV, classifieds, and MORE…
… And I'm convinced you're going to find their
strategic blend of offline and online marketing strategies to be as priceless as I have!

With this newly released “Ultimate Internet
” audio recording, you'll be a fly on the wall as you listen to Dan and Corey share their personal portfolio of winning test results from million-dollar marketing campaigns they were each part of!

You get their entire unedited conversation, including…

  • How to get permission from first-time buyers to BILL THEM AGAIN, over and over, for more of the same product or service, for years to come!
  • The Four-Stage Cycle that occurs every time a new marketing technology is invented — and how you can make MILLIONS at every stage — not just as a lucky “early adopter!
  • How RICH marketers think differently than POOR marketers! Get insight into the genius minds of Corey, Dan, and their millionaire clients — and learn exactly how they “think” their way to wealth!
  • The 2 blockbuster marketing ideas that Corey got from Dan, which made him over $100,000 in profits — in less than 24 months!
  • Amazing TRUE story: Two guys sold almost IDENTICAL products, with the SAME offer, to the SAME audience — yet one guy made $2 million MORE… all thanks to just one simple strategy!

… and that's just for starters!

If you haven't heard of either of these marketing giants before, you should know that Corey was the recognized expert in online marketing for over a decade, with over $40,000,000 in online sales (sadly, he passed away in June)…

… and Dan's made hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars for his clients, who include Weight Watchers, Amway, and the $200-million-per-year
Gunthy-Renker Corporation (famous for its celebrity infomercials with Tony Robbins and Vanna White).

This audio recording contains the very same information that they only shared with their “inner circle” of multi-millionaire friends and clients… until now!

I give this audio recording the highest rating possible!

If applied properly to ANY business, the strategies revealed on these three CDs — and accompanying 306 pages of supporting books, reports, and transcripts — could conservatively add $10,000 per month to your bottom line!

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