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Your About Me Page: Is it Working for You?

What does your About Me page reveal about you? What? You don't have an About Me page? Yet you expect buyers to just send an unknown person money in hopes of you exchanging goods with them? I see.

In all seriousness, anyone who sells on eBay should have an About Me page. Whether you don't know what one is, simply don't have one, or do have one, follow the tips below to ensure that it is working for you.

It is important to understand why you should have one. An About Me page lets the eBay community know who you are; it helps build your credibility as an honest seller. It also helps you show off your extraordinary treasures. Perhaps you specialize in baseball cards or jewelry, you can highlight it there.

This page can also display your items up for bid. After all, the goal is for people to see what you're selling. If you are a martial artist and you are selling equipment for martial artists, saying so on an About Me page will enforce that you are an expert in the goods you are selling.

You don't have to know HTML to create a page; you can use the template provided. If you do know it, you can use it, but it is not required. Look at some other About Me pages to get an idea what you may want to include.

To create a page you simply enter page content, add pictures if you want, select a page layout and then preview it. Once you've chosen a layout that you like, click the submit button to save your page. It is literally that simple.

When you're finished, eBay will email you the web site address (URL) to share with your friends. The URL will be

Additionally other users will see the icon (the word “me”) next to your User ID. They can click on the icon to view your page and learn more about who you are.

There is an additional benefit if you own a website. On your About Me page, you may link to your own Web site or individual Internet store where you are offering to trade, sell or purchase your goods or services. Incoming and outgoing links certainly help promote your business by search engine optimization.

Edit or create your own About Me page here. What are you waiting for?