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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

The beer company just spent millions for a brief few seconds of time to have a commercial air during a popular season finale. But a lot of their target audience got off the sofa and went to the bathroom.

Or they went into the kitchen and fixed a snack and missed the commercial. Or like many who get bored with commercials, they did a little bit of channel surfing. This scenario is one of the reasons why the benefits of direct mail marketing can rival what even multimillion dollar companies can spend to get their pitch in front of consumers.

Everyone wants their mail – and most people pick it up on a daily basis. While a few might not go through the mail right away, most do. That means that you’ve spent millions less and already reached your audience.

Plus, unlike commercials that are targeted toward people who can’t even use the product (like minors) your campaign reaches those who are interested in your offer. This means that your return response is going to be greater.

You’ve probably seen (and received some yourself) those mailings that are addressed to ‘Dear Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner’ or ‘To the Occupants at 123 Main Street.’ What a way to make them feel special!

No one likes to get mailings like that – it’s always a clear indication that it’s unwanted junk mail. But thanks to using lists with specific customer targets, you can send personalized mailings. Personalized mailings directly hit on what that consumer is looking for – such as a way to reduce debt, make money from home, quitting smoking, getting a better looking lawn, etc.

You get to measure how successful your campaign is by tracking how many in your target audience responded. You’ll be able to see what worked and what didn’t. But instead of wasting millions, you’ll have used a very cost effective method to reach consumers.

Not only will you have a cost effective method, but unlike email and social media sites, you’re not competing with multiple grabs for the consumer’s attention. The average consumer gets between 2-5 pieces of a mail per day. The odds of your mailing getting noticed are higher.

A large number of new customers businesses receive are from people who are responding to a direct mail offer. The benefits of direct mail marketing can be found partly because consumers can interact with this type of media.

Mail is still a top method to get consumers interested in a product because it’s tangible. If you send a sample of your product, you’ve appealed to their sense of touch. If they can eat it or drink it, you’ve appealed to their sense of taste.

If it’s a fragrance sample, then you’ve appealed to their sense of smell. Research has shown that people prefer things tangible rather than intangible – and this can be an ace for you in your marketing campaign.

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