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Video Mystery Shopping – What You See is What You Get

Mystery Shopping Secrets:
Unlock the hidden profits in Mystery Shopping

Great news mystery shoppers! Have you had the opportunity yet to do a video mystery shop? If not, you are definitely in for a treat.

Traditional mystery shopping requires that you submit a detailed factual report of your experiences and depending on the mystery shopping company or assignment, can be quite detailed, requiring a lengthy narrative.

Enter…(drum roll, please), the video mystery shopping assignment.

You complete the assignment in the same manner as you do with traditional mystery shopping, but when you return to your home or office, instead of completing the report, you upload or download your video, according to instructions provided by the mystery shopping company, and with a short confirmation update to the mystery shopping company, you are done,

This is fantastic news for you since you now have at your disposal, the opportunity to make more money, since video shopping pays almost twice the fee of regular shopping.

In addition to less time spent on reports, and the fact that the employer can both see, and hear, exactly the interaction of the employee with the shopper. It is one thing for them to read what happened, but another thing entirely to see and hear the interaction.

Since many employees, when faced with a mystery shopper report which is less than satisfactory will dispute the report, this removes that element altogether, as the video and audio tells the complete story.

The mystery shopping company ships the equipment to you, with ample time for you to practice using it before you perform your assignment, and when you are done, you just return it to them in the postage paid envelopes they provide.

Video mystery shopping can be tricky however, as you must make sure that your video and audio equipment is well concealed, but still provide a clear video, which is focused on the employee you are mystery shopping. You need to position yourself in such a way that the employee is on camera for most of the interaction, and the audio can be clearly understood.

You only get one opportunity to make it right, so preparation before arriving at the location is crucial, and practice is essential.

Once you’ve got the mechanics of the video and audio equipment down and can operate them comfortably, while making sure they are concealed, you will definitely find that this is the wave of the future providing accurate, measurable feedback to the establishment, and increasing your shopper pay.

Now, how many more shops can you complete with the additional time you are not spending completing reports?…. Check out video mystery shopping today.

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