Sticky Slogans

How sticky is your slogan? Branding expert Al Ries explains how to make yours more memorable by using alliteration, double entendre, repetition, and reversals.

The Power of the Name

Do you think your name doesn’t matter? Think again. There is a myth in marketing that says that names don’t matter; what matters is the quality of the product. In this video, branding expert Al Ries explains the four laws of the name and why your name really does matter.

The Hammer and the Nail

Confucius said: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Forget Confucius! Branding expert Laura Ries explains why a brand needs both visual and verbal elements to succeed.

Be Different Not Better

Management demands better products. Marketing demands different products. Branding expert Al Ries explains why it is more important for your brand to be different than better.