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Successful Affiliate Marketing: It’s In the List

Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of income from the Internet today. People can get started in affiliate marketing quickly and easily, without even having a specific product to sell at first. When new products launch, the company will turn to affiliate marketers to help them promote their new offering. When you are successful in your efforts, you will see serious income in the form of commissions come your way.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is the buyers list you promote the product to. Some affiliate marketers make the mistake of sending a promo email to as large a list as possible, in hopes they will get a small percentage of sales for their efforts. The compilation of this list can be quite time consuming, which brings your hourly rate of return down considerably.

A High Quality Buyers List

Savvy affiliate marketers have found a better way. They put together a list using three criteria that ensure they will get the biggest return for their efforts. These criteria make all the difference between a list that brings a 1% return and one that reaps a reward of 10% or more in sales. So what is the difference? Consider these three factors:

1. The customers have a buying history. They have purchased products in this particular niche before, which makes them more likely to do it again. They may have purchased from you or they may have bought from a competitor in that particular niche. Either way, they have shown they are willing to buy when the situation is right.

2. The customers fit into a particular niche. You can't sell fishing equipment to someone who doesn't fish and you can't sell swimming pool supplies to someone who doesn't own a pool. You need to find customers who have a special interest in the niche you are working with.

3. The customers have a relationship with you and they are willing to buy according to your recommendations. Once you have developed a list of loyal customers, you should be able to sell them on just about any product. They trust you and know your promotions are beneficial to them. It is that relationship that sells the product more than anything else, and it simply takes some time to create that kind of bond with members of your buyers list.

When you create a buyers list with these three components, your rates of success will skyrocket. You will be able to send out a promo email to a predetermined buyers list any time of the day or night and see quick, effective results. All because you took the time to build a buyers list of high quality, motivated buyers that give you positive results every time.

It isn't easy to put together such a list. It takes wisdom and experience to tell you how it is done. You need to find an experienced affiliate marketer that knows the money is in the list, and the higher quality of list, the more money you can earn. This expert can teach you how to create a buyers list that is sure to get results.