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Article Marketing: Unearth the Art of Triggering Human Emotions to Fuel Sales

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No matter how reasoned and logical a person is, the truth is that making the decision to buy something is still inexplicably tied up with emotions. People may weigh the pros and cons all they want but when someone really desires something enough, they'll find ways to convince themselves that they need it.

This is one of the most sublime realizations that any marketer could have, and it is a lesson that you could definitely put to good use.

Knowing that there is such a heavy emotional component to making sales, should lead you to another conclusion: Instead of focusing on convincing people that they need something, you should instead focus on convincing them that they truly desire it.

Once you can convince someone that they truly desire something, your job is pretty much done and they should handle the rest for you. Of course, building up this sort of desire is not the easiest thing in the world – but you should start somewhere.

1. Use powerful emotional-trigger words

Some words resonate better emotionally than others, and knowing how to use these in articles is going to make a lot of difference. For example, in our title above, the word ‘unearth’ is one such power word, and has been shown to convincingly outperform alternatives similar to it, such as ‘discover’.

2. Put as much punch and excitement into your articles as possible

Since you’re trying to evoke emotions, you’re going to have to be emotional too. Really, you can’t afford to sit back and hope that you hit the right emotion. Instead, being excited about something yourself, and writing as if you are, is going to make people excited in turn!

3. Use vivid and picturesque descriptions

Since you can’t put pictures or videos in your articles (yet!), you’re going to have to describe them in a way that really gets people to imagine what you’re trying to say. To do so, you’ll need every adjective that you can possibly find, and then some, to come up with vivid descriptions that really portray whatever you’re trying to say.

4. Focus on all senses, not just one

Remember that people have five senses: Touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound, and be sure to focus on all 5 when you write descriptions. By providing a complete view of a product, rather than just ‘what it looks like’, you’ll find that your readers are more likely to start to imagine what your words mean.

5. Tell a good story

Story-telling is an art as old as time itself, and using it to your advantage is something that you should learn to do. A good story can put the reader in a different frame of mind, and really trigger emotions the way few other techniques can.

Armed with these 5 techniques of triggering human emotions, you should have no trouble employing them to help fuel your sales. Create enough desire within your audience, and you’ll find that you can sell practically anything you want as hotcakes!

Then, you can sit back and watch the profits roll in.