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Promoting Your Blog

Everyone says that having a blog on your site is a great way of getting traffic to your website. So you installed a blog and started to post on a regular basis. Now, how exactly does it get all this great traffic?

There really isn’t anything magical about a blog where traffic is concerned. A blog is a content management system. You enter content and it creates pages. The pages on your blog aren’t any different from the pages on the rest of your website as far as search engines are concerned.

It’s a myth that search engines like blogs better than standard websites. A page is a page and content is content. What is different is the ease in which you can add new pages of content.

Where a blog does excell as a traffic generator is that it is not reliant on search engines for traffic. A blog doesn’t wait for a search engine to come read it. It has it’s own way of reaching out and telling others that there is something new and fresh to be read and that is the RSS feed.

By submitting your RSS feed to directories and making it available on the blog itself for individuals to subscribe to, you insure that new posts get noticed by a wide audience everything you add something new.

If you can take a day or two out to make the rounds of all of the RSS and Blog directories, you will be pleased with the results when your posts start to turn into instant traffic magnets.

You can promote your blog directly by adding it to your email and forum signatures. Mention it in the author bio of your web articles and publish the link on your main website. Take your RSS feed over to and have it converted into a little animated billboard that you can publish wherever you want people to be able to read your most recent blog headines.

One way to attract blog traffic is to take some time to post comments on other people’s blogs. Don’t turn into a blog spammer by any means. Visit blogs that interest you and make appropriate and interesting comments, then include a link to your own blog as a courtesy.

Your blog will create additional traffic for you over time if you’ll provide the means for it to happen.