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A Successful Business Begins with a Successful Customer List

Businesses of any kind rely on a good, strong customer base to build their profits. There are two different types of customers that may visit your business. The first is a browser; a customer that likes to look regularly, but rarely buys much. These customers don't do much to increase profits, although you may get some increased traffic through their word of mouth recommendations. Then there is the serious, motivated buyer. These customers come to you with their checkbook wide open and they are ready to take your recommendations to make their purchases.

Which type of customer do you prefer? If you are interested in building your business by working harder instead of smarter, you will probably go for both. This is done through collecting as many potential prospects as you can and sending out promotional emails to try to inspire them to buy. Creating a buyers list of this caliber will take a significant amount of time and money. And after you spend all that time and money, what will your return be? If you are lucky, you might see a 1% or 2% response to your email. While that's good, you could do much better.

The first step is to find a targeted audience for your specific niche. You can do this through a variety of methods, including ezines that pinpoint a specific interest or demographic. A targeted audience will be more likely to buy your products, because their interests most closely coincide with your offerings. However, just because someone shares your interests; that doesn't mean they will be ready to purchase your products. To develop a truly effective customer list, you need to move beyond the shared interests to the customer who is ready to buy what you are offering.

Finding motivated buyers that are specifically interested in your products or services is the final piece of the puzzle. In fact, when you find high quality, motivated buyers, you can make more sales on a lower number of prospects. This means you spend less time and money creating your buyers lists and more time making sales. Your rate of return rises from 1% of your prospects to as high as 10% or more. With a fraction of the prospects, you make even better commissions. Which way sounds like the more efficient way to run your business?

The biggest challenge with this system is figuring out how to create these highly effective buyers lists. You can't get the information from just any marketing guru. Many are still subscribing to the idea that bigger lists are better. You need to find an Internet marketing expert that has figured out how to create effective buyers lists through a method of trial and error. When you are searching for such an expert, make sure he understands that quality is preferable to quantity. Look for a tried and true formula that will help you create a buyers list of prospects that will come to you with an open checkbook and an open mind.