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Build a List From Day One With AWeber

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One of the most common mistakes new Internet marketers make is in waiting to build a list. This is a task you should be doing from day one – without excuse. There are many autoresponder tools you can use, but one of the most popular ones is AWeber.

AWeber is a newbie-friendly autoresponder system that’s affordable for anyone. At under twenty dollars per month, you can build a list of loyal prospects and customers so that once your own info product is ready, you’ll be able to blast an announcement and profit from your list building efforts.

Once your account is set up, you simply create a list (you can have multiple ones in one account), and you insert the code for the list building opt in form into your website. The form can ask for the subscriber’s name, email address, or other information.

AWeber will then send the subscriber a confirmation email ensuring that they’re the ones who actually signed up for the list. After they confirm their subscription, they’ll begin receiving whatever emails you’ve queued up in the follow up email autoresponder system.

You can also, at any time, use the broadcast feature in AWeber to send out an email to your list. You can send out the same message to multiple lists or exclude certain lists if you prefer.

AWeber has many tutorials online that help you use their system, but you’ll want to learn the nuances of what it takes to get visitors to your site to actually fill in the opt-in form and take the next step to receive your messages.

List building is usually done by giving away something free. You can offer a free short report, or promise to email them a weekly newsletter. You have to understand that someone trusts you enough to give you their personal contact information, so you have to make it worthwhile for them.

There are many great list building guides and courses online. One of the best list builders you can learn from is Jimmy Brown, but he’s not the only one. People build lists in many different ways.

You’ll want to test and track your efforts and then tweak them to make sure you’re gathering as many names as possible. Make sure they’re not random names and email addresses, however – you want highly targeted subscribes who are likely to convert into sales at a later date.