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A Guide to Choosing a Site for Your Money Making Blog

For those just starting out in the blogging business, you’re probably wondering which site is best to start your blog with. The three most popular blogging sites that most bloggers choose for their business needs are Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal.

Not all blogging sites are good for advertisements, so you’ll want to check each one out. Here’s a short comparison of the three sites listed here to help you choose what's best for you and your niche:

Blogger – This is usually the choice for beginners because it's the easiest one of the three to set up. Simply sign up for an account and they take you step by step through the process of getting a blog started.

Blogger is affiliated with Google, so even signing up for the AdSense ads is extremely easy to do. They walk you through that as well. They don't have as many blog templates to choose from as the others do, but this site is definitely recommended for those with no blogging experience who want to get launched without hassle.

WordPress – This site is a little more complicated to start a blog with. They still walk you through the setting up process, but there's a little more to their set up than with Blogger. WordPress allows you to export their blogs to your domain, so marketers who’ve blogged a little while can move their blogs when they're comfortable doing so.

WordPress offers plenty of different blog templates to choose from and many people create free templates you can download as long as the bottom of the blog gives them credit. This is perfect because when you're promoting to a niche audience, the theme can set the tone and authority of the site for the reader.

LiveJournal – This is an excellent community-driven blogging site. It offers a free account to blog with as well as a paid account option. Unfortunately, you have to upgrade to a paid account to use most of its features.

Ads are a paid account benefit, so this option isn't the best choice for making money from ads with little to no start-up cost. Advertisers can pay you to place ads on your blog if you have a paid account.

The free account is good for use as a networking tool to get others to visit your blog on another site where you could make money. Consider it a “feeder blog” that funnels readers through to another destination.

There are many other blogging sites out there to choose from, but most offer paid accounts to utilize the best services they have. Going with a free account now is the best option when you want to keep costs low and earning potential high.

You can always upgrade later on and get a paid account with one of the other sites. Be sure to research those sites to determine which one offers what you need. Whether you're a newbie starting out or an intermediate to advanced blogger, these sites give you the best opportunities for bringing in income on the ‘net.