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Leveraging Article Marketing for Continuous and Ever-Lasting Profits

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Do you know what the mistake that most article marketers make is? Simple: They waste their efforts.

If you’re getting into article marketing, that probably means that you’re churning out as many articles as you can per day, submitting them, and then possibly even building backlinks to them. That is essentially the core of article marketing itself, and your plan probably doesn’t vary much from this.

What you’re probably counting on is the fact that your article marketing will then channel traffic to your website, where you advertise a product, service, or something else of that like.

Does this sound familiar? It really is the most common template out there and it is what most people do with their article marketing. Unfortunately, this really isn’t the best use of your time, simply because it doesn’t use a single concept that is crucially important in marketing: Leverage.

Basically, what you’re doing is creating a lot of informative content that then leads to someplace that you advertise something related. Great – but all that informative content that you’re creating, in itself, serves only to channel traffic, which is a bit of a waste considering you’re going to be doing a ton of research and spending a lot of time creating it.

What if there was a better use for that content?

With leveraging, you could do something different. One of the best examples of leveraging in action is this: Create an eBook on a certain topic, then extract and rewrite 7 pages of it as a report. Then, for each chapter of the eBook, write an article or two that covers some of the basics of each chapter.

So assuming you’ve created a 10 chapter eBook, you should at the end of it have that, plus a 7 page report and 10 to 20 articles.

Naturally, the articles would be used for article marketing, but the great part is that they’d be intimately related to the eBook and report too, and so you could offer the report free, and build a list from it, and then later on advertise the eBook.

Considering that the readers who read the article, subscribe to your list, and read the report probably already like what you have to offer by that stage, you then have a simple task of selling of the eBook to them!

See how leveraging your products can provide you with many different opportunities? As far as article marketing is concerned, it also means that you’re going to be able to get more clear-cut and continuous benefits from your efforts.

Putting in the same amount of work, and the same amount of effort as you otherwise would, you could therefore end up with many times the returns as if you’d just carried out regular article marketing. That certainly is something to think about isn’t it?

Go ahead and start trying to leverage with article marketing now. Really, there’s no way you’ll regret it!


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