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Using Blogs to Generate Traffic

Blogging is a fairly new phenomenon in the Internet Marketing community, but it has proven itself as a reliable way to generate traffic to your website.

How can creating a Blog Generate Traffic?

A blog can bring traffic to your website a few different ways.

  1. By creating your own blog, you can create a place filled with information about you. If your blog is interesting, your visitors will sign up for your RSS feeds to receive your posts automatically each time you have something you want to say. This is similar to a newsletter, but you don’t have to worry about your messages disappearing due to spam filters.
  2. Search engine fodder. Search engines love unique content. If your blog is a place where you share your thoughts and ideas about your niche, the search engines will naturally begin to send you traffic – and it’s free.
  3. Links to your website. When writing your blog posts, link to pages on your main website when it seems natural to do so. This will increase the number of incoming links to your main site. Many search engines determine how important your website is by the number of links pointing to it. So, be sure to link plenty to your own website, when appropriate.

Hot Tips for Successful Blogging:

Keep it fresh. Blog at least once per week, hopefully more often. If you are using Word Press, then you can post a month’s worth of posts, and schedule them to publish on certain days so your blog looks busy – even when you’re on vacation.

Keep it real. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. You’re a lot more likely to get a regular following if you say what you mean and discuss your opinions than if you stay on the surface. Try it.

Other people’s blogs can send you traffic.

No, that’s not a typo. Find some popular blogs in your niche and post comments on them. Most of the blogs will have a place to enter your name, email address, and your URL with your comment. The important thing here is to post valuable comments, not just ads in disguise. People who read your comments will click through to find out more about you – and you’ll generate traffic for months to come. Not only that, but you are increasing the number of incoming links to your website by posting comments on other blogs. This takes only a short bit of time and is much more valuable than chasing down people for link exchanges.