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Top Three Reasons Why Article Marketing is a ‘Must Do’!

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Considering the fact that there are so many traffic generation methods out there, it is easy to perhaps concentrate on one or two and ignore all the rest. After all, as long as you're getting traffic, there really is nothing to worry about, right?

While the above philosophy isn't exactly ‘wrong', it isn't entirely right either, and the truth is, there are several compelling reasons why you should definitely be starting some form of article marketing. Once you know these, you should even have a clearer understanding of what your goals with it should be too!

Here are the top reasons why you should use article marketing to your own advantage:

1. Simple and Quick Method of Building Numerous High Quality Backlinks

Today, backlinks form an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and so building them up is something that practically every website owner needs to be doing. Of course, there are other techniques such as social bookmarking, that can yield a high number of backlinks, but article marketing tends to be ‘longer lasting’, and have greater effects.

2. Potential for Getting Highly Targeted and Pre-Sold Traffic

If used properly, article marketing could get you a ton of highly targeted traffic that is already pre-sold on whatever it is you intend to use that traffic for. For instance, if you’re selling remote-control cars, you could be getting traffic that is very interested in making a purchase, and has already read an article on a certain type of car before clicking the backlink.

What this means is that those who do click the backlink are that much more likely to make a purchase.

As a marketer, this is the kind of traffic that is priceless to you, and you should definitely want as much of it as you can. Simply put: Article marketing is one of the best and most clear cut ways to get it.

3. Ability to Act as a ‘Shortcut’ for New Websites

One of the things that many new websites have problems with is tapping into the traffic from search engines. Sometimes, it can take months until search engines fully index and list every page on a new website.

In this, article marketing really comes up as an attractive option because it allows you to tap into search engine traffic by taking advantage of the already high attention that is given to article directories. Thus, a new website can get a lot more traffic than it otherwise would.

Based on these three reasons, you should be able to see just how powerful article marketing can be if you use it well. Whether you intend to use it primarily as a source of traffic or as a source of backlinks, the advantages that you stand to gain are still pretty clear cut.

Once you start off with article marketing, the sky is really the limit when it comes to the results that you’re going to be able to obtain.