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Pay Per Click Account — Where Should You Start Yours?

Google pay per click is also known as Adwords. This is the most well-known PPC company around! Understanding this bidding engine will prepare you for any of the others you may choose to use in the future. In fact, many Internet marketers got their start using Google's Adwords. As long as you are trained in the best methods, you can turn a profit quite quickly!

There are many different reasons why you might want to use Google's pay per click over some of the others. For one thing, you'll probably get a lot more traffic using Google than you will with some of the other search engines. The traffic the other search engines receive is incredibly small when compared with Google's.

Another consideration and reason to use Google is that the Adwords interface is far more advanced than the others out there. While you can certainly make use of the others, they will often seem clunky when compared to Adwords'.

Before you get started with Google, you should read as much as you can on the topic. That doesn't mean you should tirelessly study and never take action, however! Read a guide or a few guides, before getting started with some test campaigns. The best way to truly learn as much as you can about PPC marketing is by actually DOING!

So far you've been presented with positive aspects about Adwords. One caveat to the idea that Google's Adwords has it all together is that they are also quite strict. You might find that if you use trademarked search terms you will get a notice that your ad has been disabled. Be sure you are always in compliance, or else you'll find your hard work was for nothing.

Another difficulty is getting past the quality score. How Google figures out its quality score for landing pages is not completely divulged! Still, there are some things we know about having a good landing page that will get you a high quality score — leading to lower bids and more profitability for you.

You should make sure that the keywords you are bidding on match the information found on the landing page. Be sure that the main information, title, and keywords throughout the page are relevant to what is being searched for. Also make sure that the visitor can quickly see what they were looking for, because Google wants to provide an accurate and relevant search experience for the user. Some of the same things they might use in the algorithm for search engine optimization apply to pay per click as well!

Google pay per click can be insanely profitable if you read enough about it before you began and make sure you have everything in place.