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Online Article Marketing Works Best With High Volume

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Want to know why many people give up with online article marketing? It’s because they post a couple of articles, don’t see results and then quit. Not only that, but they then spread the word that online article marketing doesn’t work – so it frightens off newbies who assume they know what they’re talking about.

Let’s examine the best way to make this tactic work for you.

Start with a massive list of keywords.

Keyword research should be conducted so that you gather a cache of broad and long-tail keywords that you can rank high for. If you don’t know how to organically figure this out, then invest in a tool like Market Samurai that will do the work for you.

Write an article for each of those keywords.

For each keyword phrase, write a separate article. You should have a list of no less than 100 keywords to get you started. Write one article per day (or more) or outsource it to a freelance writer.

Submit to different article directories.

Not every article directory performs the same. You can submit to Ezine Articles – but don’t forget about testing other article directories like Xomba or GoArticles, too. If you notice one performs better for you in regards to traffic, then you might put more weight on that directory.

Track the performance of the articles.

When people give up without testing and tracking, they’re not doing themselves any favors. You want to know what keyword phrases your article is being found for. You want to know what position it ranks for in Google.

Tweak the style of the articles.

If you notice that your question-titled articles get far more traffic than your shocking titles do, then replicate what works for your niche audience! Never rely on a single style – test a bunch of methods and whatever works, do more of it.

Based on results, repeat the articles with the best traffic and conversions.

After your initial article marketing campaign, tally up everything that worked best – including where you placed the articles, what type of article you wrote, and the length of the content, and repeat those efforts again and again.

Article marketing is kind of like planting a garden. You might plant a single seed and it never sprouts, but if you bury rows of seeds, chances are you’ll have a flourishing garden when the harvest is ready.