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More Wasted Online Real Estate

John Reese

by John Reese

In a very recent newsletter (two days ago) I wrote to tell you about maximizing the income from your web sites by making sure you use every available piece of “online real estate”.

It's time to tell you about another “place” that you can use right now to make more profit from the traffic you are already receiving.

Unless you've been living under an Internet Marketing rock, you've integrated email into your marketing. You have an opt-in list, send emails to your customers, send automated messages — such as email receipts when someone orders a product from you, etc.

Email messages that you already send to prospects and customers on a regular basis are GOLDMINES for producing additional profit.

Here's how…

It's simple. At the top of many of these emails you can simply add a little text “box” that has a small ad promoting another list, one of your other products, or an affiliate product.

That's right, you can put an AD in many of the emails you already send as a part of your business.

Just create a little box and say, “Today's Sponsor” and create a little ezine-like sponsor ad.

That's all there is to it. You'll INSTANTLY produce more opt-ins for other lists you want to promote, sales of your other products, or affiliate commissions.

Here are some specific types of emails that you can easily ad this “sponsor ad” to:

– “Thank You” emails. Such as confirmation emails you send to all the people that subscribe to your ezine or opt-in list.

– Email receipts. If you aren't already sending an email receipt everytime someone orders from you, you need to. This is the perfect place to promote something else.

– “Unsubscribe” emails. Do you send an email to confirm that someone has been unsubscribed after their request? Why not use that email to hit them with one last offer as they are “on their way out”? 🙂

You don't always have to use a blatant “sponsor ad” type of ad. You can also include creative endorsements. Here's an example…

Let's say you have an ezine about copywriting. In the email you send to new subscribers to confirm their subscription request you could include something like this…

“Thank you for subscribing to the ‘Copywriting Tips' ezine. You will be receiving your next issue very soon. In the meantime, if you're interested in studying some copywriting techniques, I highly recommend you grab a copy of Yanik Silver's ‘Web Copy Secrets' .”

It's just that easy! This is a very powerful and effective technique especially for ezine subscription confirmation emails. People subscribe to ezines to learn more about a specific topic. This is the perfect opportunity to give them some “recommended reading” resources — i.e. affiliate links. 🙂

My good friend, Stephen Pierce, is a fantastic marketer that uses the “Recommended Reading” technique really well anytime he promotes affiliate products. This technique works just as well in emails as it does on web pages.

If you don't yet have a copy of Stephen's incredibly popular ebook, “The Whole Truth”, you can get your own copy here:

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