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Keeping in Touch with eBay Customers

It costs much more to gain new customers than it does to retain existing customers. Increase your profits by keeping in touch with eBay customers. They purchased from you once; give them a reason to do so again.

Automated invoices and notifications are wonderful tools to manage your business. However, personal notes also go a long way. Once you receive payment for the item send an email thanking them for their purchase and notifying them when their item will be shipped (ideally the next business day.)

Be sure to include a packing slip and business card inside the package. Your note should again thank them for their business. Ask your customer to notify you if he has any questions, comments or concerns. If he is pleased with his transaction you'd appreciate positive feedback.

We love special offers. Who doesn't love to receive offers for BOGO (buy one get one free), free shipping or bonus items? Ask your buyers if they would like to be included on your mailing list to receive special offers; or simply include a link where they can opt-in. It is important to note that you must receive their permission first; otherwise it is considered Spam – which is not permitted on eBay.

Some examples of Spam include: Unsolicited email offers to potential buyers for items that are the same or similar to items a member is bidding on or has bid on in the past; Email sent to a member from a mailing list without the member’s explicit permission; Direct or stand-alone invitations to join a mailing list; Email sent using the “Contact eBay Member” link on the eBay Web site to send unsolicited commercial offers.

In the event your customers do not wish to be contacted again the best thing you can do to keep in touch with them is to keep auctions listed. If you provided them with top notch customer service the first time, they are more likely to bid on your auctions than that of an unknown.

When problems occur, don't automatically assume every buyer is out to scam you. If there was a problem with a trade, it does not have to always go sour. Always apologize for any issues. If they request something you choose not to do (such as offer a full refund) tell them what you are willing to do. Always attempt to find a solution that is agreeable by all parties. You may not be happy offering a partial refund and the buyer may not be happy she wasn't 100% satisfied, but a salvaged transaction stands a better chance of a repeat purchase than an ugly ending.

Competition is keen on eBay. Give your customers a reason to return.