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Increase Your Targeted Web Traffic with Podcasting

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A lesser-known method of generating traffic is podcasting. Although very few work at home moms are using podcasting, it is a growing trend.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is simply the act of broadcasting audio via RSS feeds. This means that someone regularly records audios and has them fed via RSS to subscribers who are waiting for updated audios. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and you can even do a joint podcast with a business partner to lessen the learning curve – or have a Virtual Assistant set up everything so that all you need to do is record the audio and forget about it.

How can Podcasting help you get traffic?

Podcasting can establish you as an expert in your field. If you want to be known as THE person people think of when they think of Pasta, then start a Pasta Podcast. If you want to be known as the Diabetes Expert then start a podcast about Diabetes. Of course you’ll need to promote your podcast in order to get a regular following.

You’ll get traffic from your podcast by starting each podcast with “This is (name) the (topic) Expert from (URL)”. You can also insert advertisements into the meat of the podcast to send your listeners to your other websites.

How can you start Podcasting?

To begin podcasting, you first need a vision. What exactly is your message that you wish to share? Who would you like to share it with?

If your message or your target market is unclear, your podcast isn’t ready yet. If your target market is “everyone” then it’s too broad. Unless you actually believe you are an expert in everyone and everything, then go back to the drawing board and come back with a precise plan to have a podcast that rocks!!

From there, you’ll need an audio recording tool as well as an RSS feed. Many podcasters prefer to use a blog format as their publishing tool as setting up an RSS feed with a blog is quite standard.

How to Make your Podcast Interesting

Most importantly, ask your listeners what they are looking for. They’ll tell you what they like and don’t like about your show. Also, invite special guests to be on your podcast so your listeners get some variety and added interest.

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