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Getting Tons of Traffic From the Ideal Article Marketing Resource Box

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In article marketing, the resource box represents the culmination of the article. Yet, it is unfortunately ignored quite often, and even brushed off as being just a simple ‘one line' link that is put at the end of the page.

Creating the ideal article marketing resource box is something that doesn't take long though, and if you do spend just a little time on it, you'll find that you're able to dramatically increase the amount of traffic that you gain from your article. Basically, you'll be maximizing your results, which is always a good thing to do.

Now to start off on the right foot, you should realize that the ‘ideal’ resource box is one that:

1. Provides an intuitive ‘next step’ in the form of a backlink

2. Convinces the reader that this ‘next step’ is one that is worth taking

Should you be able to accomplish both these goals, then you have the ideal resource box already. More often than not though, most articles do not fill either of them, and that’s why you’re going to need to go about things using the correct approach.

Really, that approach starts right before the resource box, at the tail end of the body of the article. It is here that many writers make the mistake of concluding their article, which is a big ‘no no’ as far as article marketing is concerned.

Instead, your article should flow into the resource box, and it should be the resource box itself that acts as a ‘conclusion’, albeit not one of the conventional mold.

So once your article flows into the resource box, you should continue it seamlessly and draw things together. Start to conclude your article as you normally would, by summing it up, but then put a link there that leads to your own website.

Placing a link is only the beginning though. Sure, you’ve provided the intuitive ‘next step’ but now you’re going to need to explain to your readers why they would want to take that step. Most readers are going to be prone to thinking that they’re done when they finished the article, but you’re going to need to let them know that if they click on the link, they’ll find out more, and gain something useful to them.

To get this done, the best way is to provide an incentive. Honestly, this incentive is a reason why readers would want to click on the link, and it can either be something tangible, i.e. a free report or eBook, or even just a really strong reason, i.e. ‘discovering the full secret of article marketing’ or something of the like.

When you pull off both of the criteria that we just talked about, you’ll find that readers go through your article and read it all the way down to your resource box. There, they’ll find that they stand to gain more by just clicking one simple link… and, well, that’s where you have them ensnared!

Writing the ideal resource box is, as you now know, not difficult – but you stand to gain a lot by spending a minute or two on it!