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Following Many People on Twitter

Getting followers is a huge concern for many people. Not having any followers means you won't get traffic, or make any sales. People who are new to Twitter often struggle with this, and wonder what to do with their one or two followers! Well, the first step is to find someone who is popular in your niche and begin to follow their followers. That is because around half of those people will follow you back. This is a great, easy start that many people do not think of.

Of course, that method can take quite a while to do. Some people just do not have enough time to sit there hour after hour adding followers. Sometimes it's best to be able to just get in and get out with Twitter, and that's not possible if you have to add followers one by one. That is why there are several tools that have been developed and released to the market place. Some of these tools will auto follow people for you, or select people to follow based on a set of criteria — for example, it will follow anyone who tweets a certain keyword. This hands-off method is a much faster way of building your list of Twitter followers, and is a good method.

This is something that has to develop over time. Twitter has been carefully monitoring how people build their accounts, so you want to tread lightly as some people have had their accounts deleted. Just be sure that your ratio of people you are following to people who are following you back makes sense and looks completely natural. Over time, you will develop a larger list of followers and it will just continue to grow over time. Popular Twitter followers seem to just get more and more followers since you'll be on some top follower lists. This is a great thing that can help generate more traffic and more sales!

As a marketer, having followers might seem like it's at the base of your business. However, you really should be developing relationships with the people you follow and who follow you back. Finding these followers in the first place is the first step to successfully adding Twitter to your business model. The next step is developing an effective marketing strategy and learning how to use Twitter to drive traffic and make sales. There are people making thousands upon thousands of dollars per month with Twitter — and now you can try and do the same.