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Finding Virtual Assisting Clients

Now, you are a virtual assistant. Armed with a battery of skills, all you need now is clients. Here are some tips for finding virtual assisting clients.

1. Market your business – This is how anyone would begin a business. Since you work virtually and not in a typical office setting, the Internet will be the prime place to market a virtual assistant business. Creating a website gives you a forum to showcase your skills and tell about yourself. The website can feature a blog and a virtual store. Use it as a base for viral and email marketing campaigns as well as direct mail marketing to local businesses.

2. Join professional associations – Everyone needs help. The virtual assisting community has risen to the call and developed organizations to help virtual assistants find clients. Most of these associations have member directories. A directory is like a giant telephone book. By entering keywords like place, skill being sought, and hourly rate, a new client can find the virtual assistant they have been looking for. These professional associations have worked hard to build a reputation within the business community so anyone listed with them is sure to be noticed.

3. Cold calls – It makes you want to cringe but sometimes it is necessary. For local clients, calling small business owners to evaluate their business needs is one way to show how interested you are in working with them. Prepare a monologue in advance so there are fewer “ahs” and “ums” in your speech. Target these calls to the small business client you can help. If you have expertise in paralegal work, don’t call on real estate business owners.

4. Ask other professionals – This involves becoming active on virtual assistant forums. Many people use these forums to find answers to business questions including how to get started and increase business. It is also a great way to network with other virtual assistants.

5. Get seen locally – Join the Chamber of Commerce to network with other business owners. You’ll learn about upcoming events where you can set up a booth to talk about your business. Give out business cards and information sheets, also information about starting their own virtual assisting business.

6. Look to your family and friends – We all know someone with a business. For a discounted hourly rate, let them be your guinea pig so to speak. As you work for them and show yourself to be reliable and efficient, they will pass your name on to their business associates. Perhaps, they will let you advertise on their website or keep business cards in their store.

There are several ways to find clients for your new virtual assisting business. With a bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, your business will begin to flourish in no time.