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How, and Where, to Make Mail Order Fortunes Now

Tyler G. Hicks

by Tyler G. Hicks

Mail Order is the world's best home business. It has always been so, and IS today! So how can you get started in this great business? Here we think is YOUR best way:

  • Make, or get, exclusive rights to your unique product.
  • Go to the niche market publications and websites to advertise.
  • Give excellent customer service by shipping at your cost.
  • Correct any mistakes you might make as quickly as you can.

“What's a unique product?”, you ask. “And what's a niche market?” To best answer this question we'll use an example. For example:

  • Unique Product: A bicycle stand that holds an adult's bike upright when parked but is also an anti-theft lock preventing the bicycle from being stolen when parked either in the open or in a home garage.
  • Niche Market: Adult bicycle riders who take bike tours and are likely to leave the bicycle in the open while they camp or stop at a snack shop.
  • Niche Market Publications: Magazines and newspapers that cater to the adult bicycle sport such as Adventure Cyclist, Bicycling Bike Magazine, etc. Websites devoted to bicycling can be found on the Internet under the “Sports” category and the “Bicycle” category.

Hobbyists of all kinds love to read about their hobby and they will be happy to buy your unique product by mail order, or by a called-in telephone order, using a credit card.

You can price your unique product at a level that earns you a good profit. Why? Because your bicycle stand may be the only such one available. Then:

  • Bikers will flock to your ad or website to buy your lock-stand, and use it on their bikes.
  • Getting a strong sense of security once they attach your lock-stand to their bicycle.
  • You can have your lock-stand manufactured by a competent firm, either locally or at a distance.
  • Selling it at anywhere from five to ten times your cost.
  • Earning a good profit from each sale you make in mail order, the world's best home business.

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Author Bio

Tyler G. Hicks, the president of International Wealth Success Inc., is the author of many wealth building publications, including the Export-Import Success Kit.

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