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eBay Fraud: How to Avoid It as a Seller

One of the biggest worries both buyers and sellers have about eBay is getting scammed. No one wants to be out money or product because of a dishonest trade. While the concern is valid, there are steps you take as a seller to avoid eBay fraud.

It is vitally important as a seller that you disclose everything. If there is a tiny rip, tear or stain do not hope no one will notice it. Divulge it in your listing. Buyers can be very picky; and rightfully so, they expect to receive the item as described.

As long as you have your i's dotted and your t's crossed it will be very difficult for buyers to prevail in any bogus claim against you. Some claim that items were never received. Eliminate this by always using Delivery Confirmation and/or insurance.

Others will claim that the item was some how defective or not as described. If you have thoroughly inspected and tested the item before it leaves your possession then you can be certain it left in good condition. Ask the seller to return it to you or to send you a photograph.

There are buyers out there who just want to get something for nothing. They will threaten to leave negative feedback if you don't issue a refund or give them a portion of their payment back. If they refuse to prove damage by not returning the item or taking a photo then under no circumstances return any money.

Many will not bother packaging it back up and returning it. Make sure your return policy is spelled out on your listing or About Me page. If you offer three day unconditional money back, then after you receive the item back, stand by your word. Don't allow anyone to come back weeks later to complain.

Also consider only accepting electronic payments or money orders and certified checks. Personal checks are more likely to have non-sufficient funds. If you do accept personal checks, do not send the item until the check has cleared the bank.

Granted, most buyers and sellers on eBay are upright and just. But if you carefully review the buyer's feedback you'll have a better chance of a successful trade. You have the absolute right to cancel a bid and block bidders if their feedback reveals past problems.

Most importantly, don't give the buyer any reason whatsoever to complain. If you run an honest eBay business it'll be harder for the turkeys to get you down.