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Best Business Practices for Twitter

If you've been around the social media circuit for any time, you know Twitter is the phenomenal micro-blogging platform revolutionizing the way people network and market their business. Twitter gains somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000 new users every month. The recently elected American President, Barak Obama, made Twitter a household name as the political pundits across the country marveled at the way his campaign team used the tool to reach millions of American's with Obama's message.

For all the people using Twitter effectively, there are also huge numbers of people who either don't make good use of it at all or who try to overpower the platform and its users with unwanted spam.

Here are three of the best business practices for using Twitter effectively:

1. Use a complete profile. Twitter gives every user a profile page. Make the most of this space by uploading an actual photograph of yourself, providing your real name in your biography and offering information about and links to your website or blog.

People look at your profile page to decide if they want to follow your updates. They may also take a look when you post a message particularly relevant to them. When they get there, make sure you give them what they need to make an informed decision about your business. It may be the only shot you get.

2. Interact. Don't just broadcast. Twitter is a social networking tool with the operative word being social. Don't just blast your site information or the link to your sales page every time you use Twitter. Talk to people. Ask them what they do and how you can help them or ask about their family members or interests.

Twitter is great for conversations kept open enough for everyone to join in. General talk about a specific industry, process or training is a great way to get others involved in a discussion. If you engage in banter and chat on Twitter every time you use it, you may even find it a bit tough keeping up with all the followers you gain.

3. Share your expertise. The people with the highest rankings on Twitter are the ones who aren't afraid to give away some of their best stuff.

Share tidbits of real information related to your area of expertise. If you're a marketer, don't just push products. Instead offer tips on how to build your list or ways to help your affiliates. If you're a writer, offer tips on how to write an effective headline or what to say in an email campaign. Share enough of your knowledge to let people know you're the real deal. It's the fastest way to draw them to your website where you can sell then sell your products.

If you consistently follow these three business practices while interacting on Twitter, you are all but guaranteed to grow your business. Twitter is really all about interaction and relationships are all about give and take and showing respect. Using good business sense and common courtesy in your Twitter affairs will gain you not only followers and clients, but respect for your business as well.