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Pay Per Click and SEO to Drive More Traffic

Traffic generation is such a huge topic, and it generally falls into two different categories — pay per click and search engine optimization. These can work together as part of a greater traffic generation campaign, or they can work separately.

In fact, you'll likely come across many marketers who do one or the other. They either enjoying achieving natural listings in the search engines (usually titled “organic” traffic) or paying for traffic via pay per click.

You can get in the natural listings by optimizing your website. There are various things you can do on the site itself to help the search engines determine what your site is about. You can also target desired search terms to increase your chances of ranking for these terms in the search engines. You'll need to understand how to do keyword research, and how to write search engine optimized articles in order to take advantage of SEO. It is also important to gain back links to your website so you will rank more highly.

Pay per click is a different thing entirely. You'll need to have a high-quality landing page, or website, but you will be paying for your traffic. Every time someone clicks on your ad (a small text ad) you will pay a certain amount. The amount you pay will depend on your quality score and the niche you are targeting. Many people like this because they feel like it gives them more control. As long as you have a good quality score and are willing to pay, you can easily achieve top rankings in the paid listings.

Combining these two methods can be even more powerful. When you take up both the natural listings and paid listings you're sure to get more traffic. It's just a matter of determining what is right for you, and what you can afford at this time. Some people have more time than they have money. In that case, search engine optimization will likely be the choice for you. Other people have more money than time. In that case, pay per click traffic will likely be right for you. Still others will want to employ both methods!

Pay per click and search engine optimization can be great ways to get more traffic to your ClickBank offers. Once you have more traffic, you'll likely make more sales than ever before. Educate yourself on this as much as possible so you can put these steps into action to get massive amounts of traffic to your ClickBank promotions.

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