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Article Marketing for Traffic: Discovering the Most Effective Approach

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While you may have read many resources on article marketing in general, you’ll undoubtedly find that most of them focus on article marketing for backlinks. While some of that can be applied to article marketing for traffic, you’ll find that if you want to attain the best results possible, you’re going to need to develop a different approach.

And this approach is going to be crucial in determining just how well your efforts translate into actual traffic figures!

Just spend a moment to consider the issue at hand and you should see that there are a few areas in particular that stand out and are of the utmost importance to gaining traffic for your website. These are:

1. Ensuring that your article receives traffic

After all, if you want your article to be able to channel traffic to your website, it’s going to have to be getting traffic in the first place, right? Due to this, you’re going to have to take steps to make certain that it does.

Commonly the biggest source of traffic for your articles will be search engines. Many article directories have a naturally high ‘pull’ with search engines, and that’s what you’ll want to take advantage of.

Therefore, what you need to do is target the right type of keywords, so that your article gets the attention it needs, and ends up receiving a steady flow of traffic.

2. Convincing readers to read your article

Over the years, article directories have started to gain a less than sterling reputation, and many readers are prejudiced against anything that appears on them. As such, it is your job to ensure that your readers not only start to read your article, but finish it too!

Remember that your link is only going to be at the tail end of your article, and so it is important that you do everything possible to keep your readers reading.

Many skilled article writers use their articles as a ‘pre sell’, and somehow tie it in to what they’re eventually going to try to get the reader to do. With that approach, they literally kill two birds with one stone.

3. Provoking action in readers and getting backlink clicks

Last, but certainly not least, you’re going to need to use somehow get your readers to click on that backlinks, and this really is easier said than done.

One rule of thumb that you should always follow is this: Never end your article within the article body. Instead, make sure it flows seamlessly into the resource box, and then the recommended backlink.

Another tactic worth thinking about is incentivization, i.e. providing the reader with a convincing reason to want to click the backlink.

When all is said and done, this three pronged approach should be at the core of any effort to article market for traffic. If you’re able to ensure that each step is taken care of properly, you’ll find that you have nothing to worry about.

And in no time at all, you’ll have streams and streams of traffic coming in through your articles.