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Article Marketing: Building Up a Complete Strategy for Maximum Results

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As with anything else, advanced article marketing is really more than just a few individual articles submitted to article directories. Sure, that is the simple version of it, but to get the most out of article marketing, you’re going to want to take things one step further.

Starting from the basics though, you're going to need to slowly but surely be submitting more articles. That much is a no-brainer, but if you simply submit articles without a plan, you’ll soon find that you’re being repetitive, and not really getting anywhere in particular. So what you need is a strategy that outlines your entire article marketing campaign…

And here’s how you can get just that:

1. Set Up Goals

First and foremost, you should start off by knowing what you’re trying to achieve. Are you in it for the traffic or the backlinks? What type of traffic are you trying to get, or how many backlinks are you trying to build? These are the types of questions that you should answer.

Remember, your goals can either be result-oriented or figure-oriented, depending on your preference.

2. Figure Out How Best to Achieve Those Goals

Once you have your goals, you’ll find that depending on what they are, you’re going to need to figure out what you can do to achieve them in the most convincing manner.

If you’re article marketing for backlinks, that just means that you’ll want as many articles (and therefore as many backlinks) as possible. On the other hand, if you’re article marketing for traffic you’re going to want to ensure that those articles themselves are tweaked and optimized to encourage better results.

3. Plan Out an Article Program

So that you don’t start getting repetitive, before you start you should plan out exactly what topics your articles are going to cover.

If you like, you could just go to article directories and source topics from there. Otherwise, you could dissect a certain niche down to its ‘core’ topics, and then divide them up and build articles around each and every one of them.

Thus a topic like ‘article marketing’ could be dissected into ‘article marketing for backlinks’ and ‘article marketing for traffic’, and then further dissected too.

4. Conduct Thorough Research

After you’ve decided on the topics, you should do the research! As you’ll find, with topics that are ‘similar’ there could even be some overlap in this area, which is why it may be beneficial to do all the research at once rather than individually.

Having done this, you should be ready to get started!

Do you see how this approach could help you to get even greater results from article marketing? By going about things in this orderly manner, your results are going to be maximized, and you’ll take advantage of the potential of article marketing in a very different way than previously.

As you achieve your goals, you’ll even be able to create new ones, and set about achieving those, all the while with a solid strategy behind your back that ensures you’re able to do so.