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Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

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Twitter is a really great place for affiliates to do some social networking because it doesn’t require a bunch of time for you to master – or utilize on a day-to-day basis. At just 140 characters (not words) per Tweet, there’s not much you could do.

Twitter is used by people of all ages, all around the world. While Pinterest is primarily used by women, Twitter is used by both men and women. It’s been around awhile, so it’s not a flash in the pan social site.

Decide who the Tweets will come from. Do you want your account to be from a person (your name), or from a brand you create for your affiliate marketing business, like “Toy Review Dad?” You’ll choose the Twitter name you want based on how you plan to promote on the site.

Create an account with the background, header and avatar. Too many affiliates register for a Twitter account and leave the pathetic egg image as their avatar. That’s just being lazy, so you’ll want to fork over the $0.80 it costs at or use an original image and give your account a picture to represent you.

The header and background aren’t as important, but you can do some serious branding using that space – and you can often find a graphic designer on Fiverr to help you achieve that goal of getting your URL exposed on this space.

Link to your site with an appropriate tag line. In your header area, they give you a certain amount of space to write a little motto or tag line. You want to make your relevant to your niche. And make sure you include your website URL there, too! It will be an active hyperlink that people can follow to your offers.

Become a frequent, but not spammy Twitter user. You want to have a Twitter account to supplement your social marketing efforts, but you don’t want to clog anyone’s Twitter stream with endless promotions.

There are tools you might be tempted to buy that automate the process, but you should really keep control over your account manually and use it several times a day for a few minutes at a time so that you make better connections.

Reciprocate the kindnesses other Twitter users show. People will ReTweet your Twitter messages for you when they feel it’s something they want to share. This helps your links go viral and increases your chance of making a commission. Make sure you return the kindness for other people if they’re also marketers so that you’re not appearing selfish online. But at the same time, don’t ReTweet anything you find to be shady.

Follow people interested in the niche. You want to follow people who have talked about the niche you’re in on Twitter. Do a search on the site for keywords to find out who’s chatting about it. They’ll often follow you back, engage with you and ReTweet your messages!