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5 Essential Rules of Effective Article Marketing

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Are you interested in improving your article marketing? If you are interested, keep on reading because we’re about to discuss the 5 essential rules of effective article marketing – some of which you may know, but others you most certainly won’t.

Bear in mind that these ‘rules’ are subject to change though, but they should definitely help form a basis for you to increase the results that you’re able to obtain. Use them to your own advantage, and you’ll find that your articles, and results, benefit.

1. Keep it short and simple

Article marketing is not the place for long-winded speeches that drone on for ages and ages without getting anywhere. Most of the readers of article directories want facts and information presented to them in as simple and concise a manner possible, and so you should cater to them as much as possible.

Normally, articles from about 350 to 750 words are more than sufficient for this purpose.

2. Entertain and inform, always

Don’t get so caught up trying to be informative that you end up writing dull and boring articles. And on the flipside, don’t try to entertain so much that you forget to put in any good information.

A good article for article marketing must strike the balance between informing and entertaining!

3. Check spelling and grammar, twice!

Nothing is worse than an article that contains bad spelling or lousy grammar. While most article directories have their own vetting process, inevitably some mistakes end up slipping through.

Due to this, it is up to you to try your best to make sure that each and every article you submit is in tip top condition as far as spelling and grammar are concerned.

4. Provide tips as and when possible

Giving people tips is something that they’ll appreciate. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to let them in on ‘big secrets’ every time you give out a tip though. In fact, a tip could be something as simple as a warning of something that could go wrong.

Honestly, people love to be warned in advance, and your readers will definitely appreciate it if you help them out in this way.

5. Do not over-promote yourself or your products

Remember that your articles are articles, not advertisements, and so they shouldn’t contain too much self-promotion. Sure, the resource box exists for that reason, but the rest of your article should definitely concentrate more on providing information.

If you over-promote yourself, you’ll find that readers instantly recognize that fact and are less likely to read your article to the finish.

Now that you know the 5 essential rules of article marketing, you should be able to apply them instantly to whatever articles you’re working on. While some of these rules may seem deceptively common, the truth is that each and every one of them are equally and critically important.

Stay true to these rules, and you’ll find that your efforts are truly rewarded in the fashion that you desire.