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Why Kindle Is a Great Self Publishing Platform

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When you have something to say and need to get it in front of people, one of the best publishing avenues to look at is Kindle. This popular publishing entity is fast becoming the top resource authors turn to in order to get their book out into the world.

The reason it’s one of the top choices is because of how easy it is to set up a book in the Kindle program. If you’ve been looking at some self publishing options, then you know by now that there are a ton of ways you can go about getting it done.

But as you check out the different options, you’ll see that some of them can be very difficult. Some of the steps are just too complicated. Using Kindle is easy because the program walks you through every single step.

You’re not on your own for any of it. There are many guides that will take you through each part of the process including the actual writing and set up of the novel before you upload it.

Not only do people choose Kindle because of how easy it us to get a book uploaded, but also because it’s free. If you’ll look at other self publishing venues, you’ll see a wide array of costs.

Some of these costs can be quite shocking. Since Kindle is completely free upfront (they do take a percentage of the sale for letting you use the platform) and widely recognized as being a great self publishing avenue, there’s no need to pay for anything else.

Plus, Kindle is global. Your book can go all over the world in a matter of hours. It only takes 5 minutes to upload your manuscript and turn it into a novel and 12 hours for it to go live. There are some authors who even used Kindle’s service, got noticed by big name publishing companies and offered a cushy book deal.

Kindle goes above and beyond to help authors find success using their program and authors can be part of the Lending Library. When people in select countries download your book, you can make a big royalty – 70%. That percentage is higher than the standard rate offered by traditional publishing companies.

You’re not alone in your publishing endeavor. Unlike other self publishing companies, Kindle has a forum set up for authors who have published through Kindle where people can gather as a sense of community and share knowledge.