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When Should I Kill a Blog?

Are you a serial blogger? Do you have multiple blogs to go along with all of your different projects? This is a great idea since blogs are a great relationship and traffic builder. Managing multiple blogs over time can become a challenge to even the most prolific blogger. Sometimes you start a blog with good intentions but just run out of things to say.

Blogs are best when fresh and full flavored. A blog that doesn’t get posted to often will lose readers fast. The same can be said of a blog that just plain gets boring.

If you’ve built up a good readership and the blog is getting some action from the search engines, you won’t want to be too hasty in pulling the plug. There are some great ways to breathe new life into a tired blog.

  • Invite a guest blogger to fill in for a few weeks.
  • Start a series of short tip posts on a subject that you love to talk about.
  • Write your thoughts on other’s blog posts, linking to them.
  • Give an update on a previous posts that received a lot of attention.

If you find yourself at a loss for fresh ideas and lack motivation to keep trying, it may very well be time to ‘kill’ your blog rather than simply abandon it. Here are some tips for giving your blog a decent send off.

Don’t delete your blog unless you are 100% positive that you’ll never come back in this direction again. Content is content after all and these existing pages do get some amount of traffic.

Never just fade away into nothingness. Always post a farewell message so that visitors know that you won’t be posting again in the future. Don’t sound depressing and defeated, just let your readers know that you’ve enjoyed the blog but have decided to move on and focus in other areas.

Add some links to your side bar to direct visitors to your current projects or a new blog if you have one.

Consider collecting your favorite blog posts and turning them into a Special Report or even an eBook. You can send what you create to your mailing list as a gift or use it as a free gift to attract new mailing list subscribers.

If you’ve had your blog for a long time and have a loyal readership, hold a tongue in cheek blog funeral and invite your readers to post their eulogy comments on the final post.