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What Are The 3 Biggest Mystery Shopping Myths?

Mystery Shopping Secrets:
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What are the some myths about mystery shopping?

Most people believe that to become a mystery shopper they must either pay someone for a list of companies or jobs, have lots of time, money and skills, or have someone on the inside track.

You've heard the fantastic reports of people who are mystery shopping and getting paid to shop and dine at fancy stores and restaurants and you want to be a part of it too.

But how do you start… how do you enter this world of make believe shoppers, and get paid to do it? Is it some deep, dark secret with details provided only to a privileged few?

The first myth we will bust is the myth that you have to pay money to someone to become a secret shopper.

This is one of the myths that prevents many shoppers from even exploring and enjoying the opportunities to mystery shop.

There are companies out there who are charging fees for information which is readily available for free online, but it all comes down to this.

Is it worth it to you to pay for the information, saving yourself hours of searching, or with limited funds, would you rather spend a couple of hours on your own, with some guidance and get the same information for free.

Also, some of these companies charge a monthly fee, which is just another way of fattening their pockets, without providing any real, tangible benefits, and their promises of getting you mystery shopping assignments after paying their fees are usually empty promises.

Myth 2 – Mystery Shopping Takes lots of time – Time I just don’t have.

The 2nd myth that keeps folks out of the mystery shopping arena is the myth that mystery shopping takes a lot of time.

The truth is that you determine how much time you are willing to devote to your mystery shopping. It is possible to be a successful mystery shopper while being employed full time, it just takes some organization.

Remember, as a secret shopper, you are an independent contractor, and you decide who you will work for, when, and how money you will accept.

Many successful mystery shoppers combine their mystery shopping, but accepting assignments that fit their schedules, and shop either on their way to or from work, or on their days off.

Mystery shopping can be effectively done while you are completing tasks you would normally perform during your regular routine, such as grocery shopping, banking, or at restaurants.

So with just a little time and skill in managing your schedule, you can effectively mystery shop, perform your daily or routine tasks and get paid for completing those tasks.

You've got to eat, bank, put gas in your car, and occasionally shop for a new car, house, or apartment, so use these opportunities to mystery shop and obtain some valuable information so that when you are ready to make your purchases or investments, you are well informed, and best of all…you got paid for getting it.

Myth 3 – You have to be a Professional.

You do have to conduct your mystery shopping assignments in a professional manner, but you do not have to hold an executive position to do so.

Virtually any adult can be a secret shopper, and the greatest asset you can have as a secret shopper is to be dependable, accurate and submit your factual reports on time and in the manner specified by the mystery shopping company.

If you can follow directions and accurately report the facts, you can be a successful mystery shopper. Many shoppers are earning good money, even on a part time basis as well as enjoying themselves while dining and shopping in fancy establishments that they would normally not patronize.

If you can blend in to look like a typical shopper for that establishment, whether it be fancy or casual, you have the perfect opportunity to supplement your income and increase your fun factor as a mystery shopper.

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