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Virtual Assistant Education

We all want to succeed in our chosen professions whether it be working for someone else or working for ourselves. The common denominator here is training. For virtual assistants, education is important as well. Here are some places where virtual assistants can gain the educational training they need to succeed.

Each virtual assistant has skills developed in a certain area. You may have worked in the corporate finance world, real estate, law, or international business for many years. The skills that made you successful in that arena are even more valuable in the virtual assisting world. These industry specific skills along with the basics of virtual assisting will help you reach and retain the caliber of client you want.

Many industries require practitioners to have certification to be considered reputable. Virtual assisting is no different. Certification adds legitimacy to the industry and you as a virtual assistant. One such program for certification is is the work of three organizations that have made a name in the virtual assisting industry. Regardless of how long you have been a virtual assistant or what other organizations you belong to, you can sit for and obtain certification from

The site offers two levels of virtual assistant certification. A PVA certification stands for Professional Virtual Assistant. MVA stands for Master Virtual Assistant. The second level has more in depth knowledge of the virtual assisting business and ethical training.

AssistU is a virtual university developed by a virtual professional named Stacie Brice. The goal at AssistU is to train individuals to be virtual assistants that can meet the demands of the growing number of small business clients. The program equips those enrolled and also provides after graduation support through their members network.

They offer two levels of certification. The first is the CPVA which stands for Certified Professional Virtual Assistant. This person has gone through the AssistU program and afterwards began a professional business as a virtual assistant. The next level is CMVA which stands for Certified Master Virtual Assistant. This person has completed a CPVA and wants advanced training to reach master status.

Whichever program you choose, the object is to learn about the business aspects and subtleties that will separate you from other virtual assistants. Here are a few more programs: IVAA certification and ES (Executive Solutions) certification. Other countries also have their own certification programs as well. Knowledge is power and for the virtual assistant, that comes in the form of accredited training programs.