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The Importance of Having a Direct Mail Marketing List

Take all the cash that you have, get into your car and head for the interstate. Open the driver’s side window and toss every single dollar out into the wind never to be seen again.

Sound foolish? So is attempting to market without a list. Having a direct mail marketing list is the support for any of your business endeavors. You can’t build successfully without a list. You want to constantly cultivate and grow that list and there are several ways that you can build your subscriber base.

One is by using a list broker. This is a person you can go to who can help you by creating a marketing list for you. You don’t want a generic list. This would be a list that could be used for any marketing purpose and most won’t fit the criteria you need in order to have a successful marketing campaign.

You want a list that’s been customized with your target audience’s information. A list broker can help you build a successful list by creating one that shows how many in your target audience bought after being contacted through direct mail contact.

Even more important than what you’re offering is the quality of the list. It doesn’t matter if your product is the best thing in the world – without buyers, it’s useless to you. You can rent lists according to the criteria that you select, but keep in mind that the more criteria you select, the more it narrows the list down and the more expensive the list will be to rent.

But your list is what will keep your business generating income. Your list is about 40-60% of your success rate. Cold traffic and word of mouth referrals mixed in with affiliate traffic will make up the rest.

There are online tools, which for a small fee, will generate a list for you. You’ll be given the option of narrowing down the list according to your prospective customers’ area, how much money they earn, how old they are, whether they’re male or female and whether or not they own their own home or are renting one.

Many of these online list builders offer free templates where you can create your own unique marketing campaign as well. You can create postcards, brochures and more – and for a nominal fee, they’ll print them up for you.

You can also build a list through your website by having an opt-in box. This is where the visitor to your site agrees that it’s okay for you to send him some information. You can set this up so that they give their mailing address. But, this way of building a list can take quite awhile if you’re new to creating a direct mail marketing list.

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