5 Blogging Plugins You Must Use

Plugins for the WordPress platform are tons of fun and incredibly useful. You’ll find everything you need to turn your blog into something that is every bit as great as you would have imagined. While there are many plugins out there that are worth your while, the five that follow are the cream of the … Read more

Blogging and Google AdSense

Blogging is a great way to make money with Google AdSense. In part 7 of Joel Comm’s AdSense presentation, you will learn how to get started in just a matter of minutes. Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for more than 20 years. Joel is co-creator of ClassicGames.com, now … Read more

Blog Success Tips from John Chow

If you want to know the secret to successful blogging, you must watch this video. John Chow discusses some of the reasons why most bloggers don’t make money. Building a blog is not enough; you have to market it. Treat your blog like a real business. It takes time, money, passion and commitment to build … Read more

How to Embed YouTube Videos into Your Blog

This video by Internet marketer Rosalind Gardner will show you how to embed YouTube videos into your blog or website. Adding your own or other’s video to your site or blog increases visitor retention rates and times. That in turn makes your site “stickier” and will increase your search engine rankings. Better yet, it doesn’t … Read more

Blog and Make Money

Do you have something to say? Well, the internet is the perfect forum for your opinions. But, don’t just voice your views, make money doing it as well. The great thing about the internet is that an enterprising person can always find a way to make money there. You are connected with literally millions of … Read more