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Start Your Own Medical Transcription Business

The Step-by-Step Guide To Medical Transcription at Home

A Medical Transcriptionist takes a physician’s dictated notes and types them up to be put in the patient’s medical file. When you consider how many patients any given doctor sees in a day you can just imagine the high demand there is for the services of an MT professional.

What skills and tools are needed to become a Medical Transcriptionist?

If you’re interested in starting a business like this, you will need to find a good Medical Transcription Course at your local college or at an online school. The schooling is important, because you must be familiar with the medical terminology that physicians use on a daily basis and you won’t get work without it.

These training programs are usually fairly expensive but the good news is that you will come out with the skills and equipment that you need to move ahead. Once you have obtained training, the next step is to decide whether you are interested in doing sub-contractor work for established MT companies or if you would like to strike out on your own and pursue your own clients.

Sub-contracting is an attractive option since you can focus on the work and not have to do all the marketing yourself. However, if you do decide to go it alone, you want to set up your own website to market your services, have a professional resume and cover letter created and come up with a plan to reach your intended clients. Your website should list your training, rates, the school you attended and any transcription experience you may have already as well as a little bio about who you are.

You may do best to market yourself locally first and then reach out into a wider market as you develop your clientele and gain valuable referrals from existing clients.

Will technology ever make the Medical Transcriptionist Job obsolete?

Possibly, but not in the near future. Despite the advances in technology and computer generated transcription programs, the field is still far from being automated and doctors and medical facilities all over the world continue to grow in their demand for trained transcriptionists.

A business as an MT is appealing for those desiring a home based career. While you are working on deadlines you do have a lot of freedom in determining your work hours. We wish you luck if you decide to move ahead towards a career in medical transcription.