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Shiny New Object Syndrome Versus Being Too Stubborn

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Working from home can be one of the most exciting ventures you’ll ever undertake. It can also create the kid in the candy store effect. You see so much good stuff that you can’t pick – so you buy and buy and buy.

You get your goodies and you open them all up and take the first step. But it ends there. You never take the second step. You might feel overwhelmed or see another hot and trendy product to buy.

So those opportunities sit like beckoning lights that you learn to ignore. This is known as the shiny new object syndrome. When this happens, it means you were intrigued by a product or an idea enough that it took the place of the one you’re currently implementing.

You loved the way it was presented, loved the thought of making money using the product, you wanted it – so you got it. But then the newness wore off because you didn’t keep focused on what enticed you to buy the product to begin with.

You won’t ever succeed when you continually buy products if you don’t actually take the practical steps of using them. Do you have this syndrome? How many shiny new objects have you bought in the last year? The last six months? Did you give any of them a fair effort before moving on to the next?

On the other side of this picture is the mindset of, “I’ll make this work if it kills me” and those people never reach out to try anything new because they get stuck vowing to achieve the same results that were promised on the sales letter. They’re going to go down fighting despite the writing on the wall that tells them they need to move on.

Instead of being caught between two extremes and trying to force yourself into a mold, create what works out of what you get and do things your way. There is no rule police squad that will come bang on your door if you don’t follow step by step what marketer A did to reach success.

You’re a unique person with personality gifts and traits that marketer A doesn’t have. So gather what you’ve learned and the products that you’ve bought and take a hard look at your efforts.

Did you really give it all you had? And it still didn’t work? Then there’s no shame in moving on. But if you have product after product and you’ve never genuinely attempted to work them, put the effort into it and you might be surprised at the results.

Web Profits Club