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Improve Newsletter Delivery with an Autoresponder Service

J. Stephen Pope

by J. Stephen Pope

Another powerful reason for making the switch from using the unlimited autoresponders that come free with your web hosting account to paying a monthly fee for an autoresponder service is improved deliverability of newsletters and other e-mails.

Are your subscribers even getting your newsletter? You might be shocked to find out how few of your subscribers are actually receiving your e-mail. I know I was!

Paid autoresponder services cultivate relationships with major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and online services. It is in their (and your) best interests that your e-mails get through and they work very hard to achieve high deliverability.

Some services supply a spam test to show you how spam filters would rate your e-mail. If your spam rating is too high, you can edit your e-mail to improve deliverability.

When I moved my newsletter over to a paid autoresponder service, I received several e-mails from autoresponders. They basically said that because of spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail), I had to confirm that I was a real person who wanted to communicate with the recipient.

With the paid autoresponder service, I received these e-mail messages and was able to respond to them in order to try and retain my subscribers.

With my previous mailing list software, supplied free with my web hosting, I was oblivious to such events because I received no autoresponder replies.

So, by paying a modest monthly fee, your autoresponder service can help increase profits by increasing the deliverability of your communications.

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