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How You Can Get Started Selling on eBay

On any given day, there are millions of items on eBay available through auction-style and fixed-price trading. There is no time like the present to jump on the eBay bandwagon. Below is a very basic overview for the beginning seller.

It's not nuclear science — anyone can learn easily how to start selling on eBay. Essentials needed are few, including a computer, internet access, a digital camera and some space to put your stuff. That's really all you'll need to get started. You'll also need shipping and packing supplies; we will talk more about that later but know that Priority mail boxes and envelopes are free through USPS.

Next you'll need to learn how to list auctions. Rather than using this space to tell you all the mechanics, just go here:

Don't be overwhelmed; just take it one step at a time. Listing is quite simple through the use of templates. You literally merely fill in the blanks. There are some tips and tricks you can learn along the way about listing but for starters, just follow the logistics of how to put a listing onto eBay.

To get your feet wet, look around your own house for items to sell. You should eventually find a niche to sell as you get more experienced, but for now you simply want to gain experience and build your feedback. You'd be amazed at what people buy.

Online payments such as PayPal are very convenient. You may also want to accept money orders or personal checks. The more options you leave your buyers, the more likelihood you'll get more bids; although most buyers prefer the ease of online payments.

A large amount of people ship the items using USPS. You can print postage online and mail the items from your home. There are of course other vendors — UPS, FedEx, DHL you can chose to use. The size and weight of the items may help you make a decision.

Remember this is a learning process. eBay, Yahoo and MSN have wonderful message boards and networks to help you along the way. In summary, if you want to just “start pushing buttons” and learn on your own, you can do it! If you do better chatting with others, those resources are available too. Use what is available.