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How Often Should You Market on Twitter?

Many people who are new to Twitter wonder how often they should market. If you've been on Internet marketing forums, then you know that this is a topic of hot debate. Some people think it's fine to market whenever you want on Twitter. Other people think you should never market and that the site should just be used for social networking purposes.

As part of defining your Twitter business plan, you need to decide what is right for you. If you would rather just showcase what you have for sale — by all means do so. Just realize that your conversions might be lower than those who take the time to develop a relationship. Some people wonder what exactly it means to have a relationship on Twitter. Obviously, if you have thousands of followers the chance of you being able to keep up with the conversation in its entirety are slim. However, you can reply to people, follow interesting people, offer valuable content, and more in order to become a respected Twitterer in your niche.

Once you take the time to network, people will be very responsive when you decide to market something. You can easily get traffic and sales once you start doing this! That's because people are most likely to purchase from someone they know and trust. Even though it is online, and is micro-blogging, people feel like they get to know you over time from your tweets. They'll know about your business, what you're up to, and what your personality is like. That can make a huge difference when it comes to dealing with you over a competitor in your niche.

That doesn't mean there is a magic formula as to how often you should market and how often you should network. Go with your gut, and examine what other people in your niche seem to be doing. Often they are doing what many followers seem to really enjoy, so you can emulate what they are doing and put your own twist on it.

Over time, you may find that your Twitter strategy changes. That is just fine! The only important thing is that you get started networking and marketing on Twitter as soon as possible. This is a golden opportunity, as the site is growing over time, and it can be an excellent way to reach targets in your market. Marketing on Twitter can be an excellent strategy to earning more money!