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Get Paid to Shop – How to Manage Your Time and Resources

Mystery Shopping Secrets:
Unlock the hidden profits in Mystery Shopping

How do you get a job without experience and how do you get experience without a job? That’s the age old question and it applies equally to mystery shopping.

If you’re broke, unemployed, or looking to make some extra money, getting paid to shop sounds like a dream true, and it can be, if you need to organize your time and resources.

I can hear you now, saying that you’ve got more time than money but is that really true?

We mistakenly say that we have more time than money, but no one knows when they will die, so how do we determine how much time we have?

I submit to you that you live every day as if it were your last, and enjoy life and all the joys that you are able to, and focus on your lifestyle, the money will follow.

Learn to value the time you have, especially in the mystery shopping business. There are many assignments where it causes you to wonder if the mystery shopping companies and schedulers are posting those assignments in their sleep.

However do you justify paying someone $3, for completing a valuable assignment. If the job is worth doing, then a decent fee for a job well done should be the norm, regardless of if it takes 5 minutes or half an hour.

The feedback from the mystery shopping assignment is valuable to the company or they wouldn’t be conducting the research You may reach the point where you refuse to accept any assignments which are not in the double digit pay, especially those which are very low paying assignments, and require a lengthy report to be submitted.

Value your time and your resources because even if it’s a low paying assignment, you still need to complete the valuable report, which is a tool for management to use to improve performance at that location.

Provide a valuable service, for a reasonable fee.

Get out of the mentality of thinking that you have more time than money and learn to value your time, and what value you bring to the marketplace.

Determine that you are providing a valuable service for a reasonable fee and watch your outlook and assignment log fill up with many jobs for equitable pay.

When completing assignments, try to schedule them all in the same part of town or on the same day to avoid backtracking, and wasting valuable time, energy and gas.

Mystery shopping offers a lot of flexibility where you can choose your assignments, and even how far you are willing to travel to complete them.

Keep an accurate log of the assignments you have applied for and accepted to make sure that you do not run into time or day conflicts.

If you learn to respect your time and make it work for you, you will find that mystery shopping becomes easier and less of a chore, which means you are able to relax and enjoy those shops, while getting paid.

Believe that your service is valuable, do the best job you can when on assignment, and know that your input does make a difference. It really does.

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