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Forget Google! 5 Tips For Alternative SEO

Google is truly the giant of the internet world. Ask any internet marketer, whether they're PPC or affiliate based, and they'll tell you how incredibly powerful the number one post on Google truly is. Instead of slaving with paid advertising campaigns, lengthy underground marketing strategies, and other needless work, ranking number one on Google can give you massive exposure without the requirement to market yourself. The only problem? The competition. While Google is the giant of search, it's by far the most competitive and difficult of the major search engines, and as a result it's the hardest to rank on.

What's the alternative? Instead of aiming to rank on Google, it's often more worthwhile to take on an ‘alternative' SEO campaign. By targeting other networks like Yahoo and MSN, you can see the results that you want even quicker than through Google. Here's five tips for any alternative SEO campaigns:

#1 – The rules still apply, but not completely!

An alternative SEO campaign isn't your invitation to break every rule for ranking on Google. While there are subtle differences between all the major search engines, the fundamentals of SEO are constant across all different types of search providers. Don't think that just because Google isn't your number one goal, it's something that you can ignore completely.

#2 – Some search engines are more valuable than others.

While Google is the online giant, it's known amongst marketers as a difficult engine to market on, due to the completely different demographic that uses it. While Yahoo and MSN don't have the reach that Google does, they deal to different demographics entirely. If you need to supercharge your marketing campaign, take note of which search engine gives the best audience for your product.

#3 – Be innovative, not sluggish.

When you're undertaking an alternative SEO plan, you need to make sure that your marketing ideas are razor-sharp, optimised and way ahead of the competition. The power of alternative SEO is so strong because so few people choose to take advantage of it. When you're creating an entirely new strategy, make sure you don't leave any loose threads that end up compromising your entire campaign.

#4 – Study the search dynamics carefully.

This one is absolutely essential when you're targeting different search engines. While the primary rules of search are relatively constant, the dynamics and superficialities of each engine are slightly different and unique when looked at in a broad context. Instead of treating every search engine the same, look for the small differences that could cause you to rank differently, and adjust your product to match them.

#5 – Always pick the best long-term network.

How often does this get passed over in the marketing world? With so many marketers chasing the here and now, it's important to step back and look at things in a global and long term perspective. What's the best now might not be in a years time, and your choice in SEO should reflect that. Always be ready for change, and highly able to adapt at any moment.

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