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Finding Powerful Online Markets

Affiliate marketers everywhere are searching for the products that are red hot, desired by every consumer and ready to be purchased right away. The problem is, these products rarely seem to come along. For every iPod, there are hundreds of failing mp3 players. For every master affiliate product, there are thousands of products that only ever achieve mild success. The important thing, however, is that affiliate marketing isn't a zero sum game. To achieve massive success, you don't necessarily need to be the only winner on the block. By studying other affiliate products, maximizing your analytical planning, and working with feedback, you can create a product that truly excels in it's market.

Where to start? It all begins with searching for a market that's loaded with demand and short on supply. The best way to manage this feat, at least in the online world, is to study the search keywords for Google searches. Pick a field that you're interested in and run some searches through Google's keyword tool. Locate the keywords that are popular, and see how well catered for they are. If you find products in those keyword categories that you think don't quite cover the buying base effectively, then there's massive opportunity for you to move into the market with a competing product.

Competition is a good thing. All too often, entrepreneurs think that because there's competition out there, they're dead in the water. Don't fall into that line of thinking — competition has some massive benefits for you as a beginner internet entrepreneur. For starters, the fact that there's competition around proves that the market is lucrative and worth entering. If you can spot competition that is operating successfully, you've guaranteed that there is money to be made in this market. When there's competition, there's money. When there's nobody there, it could be one of two things; a vastly under-served and lucrative market, or a market that simply doesn't offer the returns that others do.

From here, it's a matter of optimizing your product concept and determining how you're going to market yourself. The cheapest and easiest way to create a product for lucrative markets is to run a series of simple Google AdWords campaigns, targeting your potential audience. Run a set of five to ten variable advertisements, each with slightly different titles and advertising copy. Compare the results, discard the poorly performing advertisements, and focus on optimising the most successful few. When you get these advertisements to a level where they're converting massively, you can create a product with a market already built for you.

This is an important part of internet product creation and marketing. By realizing the potential of a certain market before entering, you minimize the risk on your investment. A few hundred dollars spent on Google AdWords marketing campaigns is nothing next to the amount of time that goes into creating a great affiliate product. The key to finding powerful and lucrative markets is determining if that input is truly worth it, and dominating your category once you arrive there.