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Energize Your eBook Sales

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You worked so hard to prepare an eBook that’s right on trend in your niche. After the initial burst of sales, all that remains is a trickle of buyers. Even your returns are rising. So what just happened?

The information is solid and unique. Do you have to change the content to pump up the sales? No, but you may need to make simple adjustments to get those sales back on the rise and prevent more refund requests.

Give away free samples. You know how that draws people in the grocery store or at the coffee shop. Everybody wants to try something that’s free. Let prospective buyers have a sample of your eBook.

Provide a link on your website that allows viewers to read a sample chapter. Then circulate that link to every site, forum and discussion group in your niche. The more people who sample your work, the more potential buyers you attract.

The free sample is another way to reduce requests for refunds. The buyer has a chance to see if this is the kind of information and presentation that’s worth buying. You can also add a free look at the table of contents. An informed buyer is more likely to be a satisfied buyer.

Don’t be afraid to highlight the money back guarantee. Rather than prompt refunds, a strong guarantee of satisfaction actually reduces refunds. Add a gold seal or other icon that shows a guarantee symbol.

Buyers want to know that their purchase information is safe. Instead of saying, “ Your order is secure” add to your link “Order Now on our Secure SSL Server” (or other appropriate security message).

Speaking of the Order Now link, apply this several times in your sales letter and in several locations on the sales page. Each time you add more reasons to purchase or add a bonus offer, put in the Order Now link.

Don’t make your prospect search for how to buy. You want to grab them while they’re still overwhelmed by the urge to have what you’re selling.

Inside your eBook is a great place for a Check New Titles link. You can add it in the copy a few times as long as you don’t interrupt the flow of the content. Have that link in the opening page with your welcome, in the signature line of your “about the author” page and on the last page of the copy.

If you already have a title for the next eBook, use that in the link. While the reader is enjoying your work, it’s a great time to promote another eBook. Make it easy for a satisfied reader to find and buy more eBooks from you.

Add a bonus survey at the end of the eBook. Ask your reader to “review” this eBook by answering a few questions for a Special Free Bonus Gift. Add the link for the review. When the reader finishes, the reviewer goes into your autoresponder and the Bonus Gift is sent immediately with a note from you.

The Bonus Gift is the incentive to complete the survey. You can get useful information from your readers that will help in targeting your next product. But even if the survey information isn’t that important, it’s a way to build a relationship with your buyers. Let them know what you have to offer and give past buyers the first chance to get your newest information products.