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eBook Resale Rights

A very popular and simple way to get your Internet marketing business started is to offer eBook resale rights for your niche. When we’re talking about resale rights, we’re speaking strictly about a product that you may use as a bonus with your niche product or resell to your customers.

Of all of the reselling options, simple resell rights are the most restrictive – but that isn’t a bad thing. Maybe you only want to offer some nice digital books or audio as a gift to your customer to help increase the perceived value of your total offer.

Resale rights products can enhance your package, if not overdone. Some marketers limit their bonuses to three – others pile on dozens. It really depends on the niche you’re catering to. As with anything in this business, test to see what works for your customer base.

There’s a stigma attached to resale rights products and that is that they’re cheap and over used – and sometimes they are. You’ll want to shop around to find something worth adding to your package. Customers are getting wise to the “pile o bonuses” which are nothing but worn out resale rights products. Try to find newer or fresher content by shopping around.

The next step up from strict resale rights is master resale rights. These give you a bit more latitude in that you can change the author name and then sell it on as a resale rights product.

All licenses vary from product to product. There is really no hard and fast rule as to what master resale rights licenses entail. Some are very liberal and can almost be considered private label rights while others are very limited.

Any discussion of resale rights products should include how you can create and sell or give away your own resale rights product. Since you have control of the content, you can add links to your report, turn it into a PDF and offer it as a resale rights product.

If it’s good quality content, this can get viral, meaning that others will take your eBook and resell it (with all your links intact) all over the Internet. In this case, make sure your product is over the top content. Treat it like a full paid report and let everyone and their brother pass it on. This can be a nice little income stream as well as a traffic generator for you.