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Earn Extra Cash with Surveys

Companies are always looking for ways to connect with the public. They want to know how you think and feel about their products so that they can target their advertising. If you are looking for ways to make extra money, try online surveys.

There has been a lot of negative information about online surveys. To set the record straight, they are not “get rich quick” schemes. If you come across one that reads that way, pass it up and move on. There are many legitimate sites that offer survey opportunities that are legal and above board.

How to Get Started

You can enter “make money with surveys” into your search engine and examine the results. Sift through the results and check out the websites to see if what they offer fits with what you need. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Check out free surveys first – These are surveys that don’t cost you anything to take. They may ask you to fill out preliminary information so that they can send you surveys that you will want to take part in. Links to surveys or notifications will be sent to your email inbox.

All surveys don’t pay in cash – Many free surveys pay in points. Consider a site like MyPoints. You can earn points by clicking on links in emails as well as taking surveys on the site. Each time you buy a product on popular sites through a link at MyPoints, you earn more points. The points can be used to purchase gift cards on the site. Other sites may offer free merchandise for surveys.

Read the fine print – Know what you are being asked to do and how payment is made. Some survey companies pay once a month or send out checks once a certain amount of money has been earned from surveys.

Follow all directions – Some surveys offer cash but require you to purchase a product and test it first. You’ll have to go through their link to purchase the item or enter a piece of information during the survey to prove that you have actually used the product. Then, your account is credited. Find out if you have to send back the product for a refund as well.

Surveys won’t make you big money – Some sites only send a couple of surveys each month. If you want to increase your earnings, sign on with more survey companies.

Make sure your information is secure – You will be dealing with several survey companies so read the privacy statements to be sure that your information is not being shared somewhere you don’t want it to be. Also check to see that the sites where you buy products for companies have adequate site protection.

Surveys can help you make extra cash, earn prizes and free gifts.